Climb to the TopThe CrossFit Faith program is best utilized by first establishing  a personal roadmap.  This is accomplished by setting specific, attainable goals.  The most successful people in the world are driven toward specific objectives. We believe God has bestowed each individual with talents and abilities that will allow them to achieve their purpose in life.

We have found it helpful to have an orderly system that keeps our objectives in front of us on a daily basis.  Within the spiritual WODs, we will renew our goals every season through the year (4 times each year).  This will keep us focused on our priorities and will allow some freedom for adjustments when life unexpectantly brings us bumps in the road.

The CrossFit Faith Goal-Setting Program

When following the Spiritual WODs, we will take you through the proper steps of setting your goals.  If you just started following the CrossFit Faith WODs, simply click on the document below and begin now.  Refer back to the WODs in January to help guide you through the process.

Goal Chart

Step-by-step goal-setting process (from the WODs)